“Area L AHEC’s health careers program has been very valuable to my family. I am a mother of three and am always looking for inventive ideas to get my children inspired about their future. When my children became involved with AHEC, I quickly determined that I had found a gold mine.

My eldest son, Patrick, was a rising seventh grader when I initially heard of this program. I heard so many accolades concerning its success that I had to hear more about it and get him involved. His main focus at that time was basketball. I was determined to show him that he could take that passion for basketball and find a career that would fuel that passion. The thing that I like most about AHEC was it didn’t discriminate against children if they didn’t have interest in a health career. He was allowed to participate and see the different aspects of health care that he would not have thought about on his own. It provided him with math and science skills applicable to life, and study skills. He has since graduated from high school and is attending UNC-Greensboro with plans to pursue a career in physical therapy.

Due to Patrick’s success and love for this program, my other children, Cedric and Camille, have also become involved. Cedric is a junior in high school. He is exploring several health careers such as sports medicine and psychology. AHEC has assisted him in becoming more focused in school to meet his goals. Camille, a freshman in high school, is also focused. During her recent health career summer program, Camp PUSH, she was able to visit East Carolina University. She was motivated when she heard about the benefits of its honor’s college and saw the medical labs. She is more determined than ever to get the grades required to be accepted into ECU’s honors college, and then to apply to medical school to become a pediatric surgeon.

AHEC has definitely had a positive influence on all three of my children. I fell in love with the staff and their love for the children. I have recommended this program to so many parents and also have given information to teachers. Teachers have seen the benefits and recommended that their students participate. A child’s future is so bright. All they need are the tools to succeed. I believe that AHEC’s health careers program has these tools. It has motivated so many children to set goals that they would not have otherwise set for themselves. I am so appreciative and thankful to the staff of Area L AHEC.”