Each AHEC is staffed by an interprofessional faculty, including one or more nursing educators.

Since the program’s beginning, nursing education and clinical training have been an integral part of its mission to expose nurses to new technology and to innovative methods and models of professional nursing practice. The AHEC nursing faculty have recognized that solutions to educational and workforce issues in nursing are complex and require a combination of continuing efforts.

Consistent with the NC AHEC Program, the mission of AHEC Nursing activities is to enhance nursing practice in North Carolina through education, training and consultation. In partnership with education and service institutions, AHEC Nurses identify emerging health care needs within their assigned regions and develop strategies to address these needs by:

  • Promoting undergraduate and graduate nursing education
  • Promoting educational mobility
  • Facilitating retention and recruitment into the profession with a special focus on minorities
  • Providing continuing professional development


Regionally Increasing Baccalaureate Nurses (RIBN)
NC AHEC Nurse Refresher Program


AHEC Nursing Initiatives: History and Accomplishments


In addition to providing regionally-focused services, AHEC nurse faculty work cooperatively through the NC AHEC Nurse Council (photo below) to accomplish statewide initiatives and goals. The Council serves as an important forum to share ideas and approaches to specific problems as well as respond to statewide challenges and issues.

Plans and projects are adopted by consensus, through the work of an executive committee, planning committees and task forces. The NC AHEC Nurse Council and the NC Council of Nursing Deans meet annually to collaborate on nursing education issues and challenges, and continue to strengthen their partnership. NC AHEC also collaborates with the NC Future of Nursing, the NC Nurses Association, the NC Board of Nursing, and a wide variety of nursing groups.

NC AHEC Nurse Council

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Resources & Special Programs

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