In addition to fulfilling the work owned by our six core service lines, our program also coordinates a number of designated statewide projects. These projects often cross service lines and our model to recruit, train, retain the health care workforce needed to create a healthy North Carolina. With goals and outcomes set by the Program Office and work led by regional AHECs, these initiatives touch on multiple areas of our mission statement. Click the buttons below to explore our most recent statewide work to help secure the health of North Carolinians in the months and years ahead. 

Every 10 years, North Carolina embarks on a goal setting process to identify the indicators or measures of good health and well-being for the people of our state over the next decade. Much of our statewide work aligns with the indicators identified in HNC 2030.

The NC AHEC Nursing Clinical Partner (CIP) program aims to increase nursing faculty through partnerships between academic nursing programs and practice organizations.

The NC AHEC Community Health Worker (CHW) Program supports the development of a qualified and sustainable CHW workforce well equipped to advance health equity.

Health equity means ensuring that every person in every community can get the same high-quality care regardless of individual characteristics, such as ethnicity, gender or geographic location.

North Carolina’s Healthy Opportunities Pilot program is an unprecedented opportunity to test the integration of evidence-based, non-medical interventions into the state’s Medicaid program. The Pilots will provide non-medical services to qualifying Medicaid members across four domains: housing, food, transportation and interpersonal violence/toxic stress.