“I graduated nursing school with a BS in 1992 from UNC-Charlotte. I practiced in the field for 10 years full time until I fell into a new career path in real estate in 2002. Because of the training I had in nursing, I was a natural in the real estate field. I took care of my buyers and sellers like they were my patients. After ten years in the real estate field, and experience as managing broker and owner, I decided I desperately wanted to return to nursing. This required that I take an RN Refresher course. I chose to go through the AHEC program offered in North Carolina.

I began my AHEC journey through SEAHEC where I completed my didactic portion of the course. I was then placed on a waiting list for my clinical rotation. This took a while but when I got in touch with Sara Gillikin with SEAHEC, she found the perfect clinical rotation for me that matched my experience and comfort level. I completed my 160 hours of clinical hours through the 34.214923 in Wilmington, NC.  The New Hanover System was very easy to deal with and extremely welcoming to my experience. After my clinical rotation, I was so impressed with New Hanover and the SEAHEC experience I watched and immediately applied for an open position that suited my experience and interest. Within 2 months I had a full-time position with the facility I wished to be affiliated with.

I dealt with many other human resource departments at other hospital systems as well. New Hanover Human Resources dealt with my resume and application in a quick fashion, gave me information to make an informed decision and let me know every step of the way what the next step was. Unlike other experiences at other facilities I was kept informed as to my application and where it was in the process.

I am extremely happy with my experience – from SEAHEC and Sara Gillikin – to final career position with New Hanover Orthopedic Hospital.”