PCMH, CINs, ACOs, PI, PQRS, MACRA . . . Is the Bowl of Alphabet Soup Getting Harder to Digest?

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Practices need to position themselves for new payment models, incentive programs, and other health care reforms while focusing on patient-centered care. Our practice support coaches are trained to work with you to transform the way in which care is delivered in your practice. To date, our team of coaches have helped more than 6,000 providers at 1,400 practices move toward promoting interoperability (formerly meaningful use) of their electronic health records; nearly 600 practices with Medicaid Transformation education and issue resolution; over 500 practices improve office systems for better care; and more than 300 practices achieve patient-centered medical home recognition.

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Quality and Value Improvement

We provide quality improvement training and education to assess, address, and improve the cost and experience of clinical and operational processes in your practice. Our coaches implement proactive and patient-centered approaches with an eye to enhancing revenue and continuity of care.

Provider and Care Team Satisfaction

Our team-based care models and approaches to patient engagement help refine your patient care and care team experience. Our coaches can help your staff perform at the highest levels of licensure and introduce tools and workflows that maximize efficiency and clinical performance.

Financial Health and Operational Efficiency

Our coaches are equipped to optimize your practice’s participation and success in state and federal incentive programs, including the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) and the NC Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. We can also help you develop budgets, strategic plans, and processes for revenue cycle assessment and enhancement.

Population Health Outcomes

We’re here to provide assistance in optimizing use of health information technology (HIT) to help you identify and manage high-risk patients. Our coaches can support you through the creation of customized dashboards and use data to drive change in your practice.


Our on-site coaches are here to help your practice navigate through a time of great transition in health care.


Provider Transition to Medicaid Managed Care

North Carolina AHEC has partnered with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and Division of Health Benefits to help transition healthcare providers to Medicaid Managed Care. We are providing on-site comprehensive Medicaid Managed Care education and assistance to healthcare providers across the state. More information and resources are also available on the NC Medicaid website for providers.

NC HealthConnex

NC HealthConnex is the state designated health information exchange that will enable you to more effectively manage population health and clinical outcomes. Let us help you navigate this platform and new features as they roll out. With NC HealthConnex, you can access your patients’ comprehensive records across multiple providers and review labs, diagnostics, history, allergies, medications, and more. You can eliminate duplicative testing, make more efficient and accurate diagnoses, and improve coordination across all levels of care. More information and resources are available on the NC Health Information Exchange Authority website.

CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) and Merit-based Incentive Program (MIPS)

North Carolina AHEC and Alliant Quality are working together to help small practices in North Carolina understand and successfully participate in the CMS Quality Payment Program (QPP) and the Merit-based Incentive Program (MIPS). This support for QPP and MIPS is available at no cost to you. You may reach us for local, in-state support at QPPSupport@ncahec.net.


We will get to know your practice and provide a customized plan to fit your needs.

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