Web Services and Docebo Resources

CASCE Considerations for Using Docebo

  • All Docebo course material attaches to the FIRST session in CASCE.  If you create your event sessions in CASCE before opening it in Docebo, be sure that the first session is a generic session that all attendees will access.
  • All participants must be marked to attend the first session in order to ensure access to course materials.
  • If you find a duplicate record for a participant, mark the record that has the latest course registration and MyAHEC account attached as the master record to ensure Docebo access is preserved.
  • New CASCE records created as part of making a MyAHEC account will NO LONGER reference any part of a user’s Social Security number.  The numbers behind a person’s last name in CASCE are the last four of their phone number if the account is created in Web Services.

How to Load & Manage Course Resources

Basic_Course_Upload_Instructions (downloadable pdf written by staff)

How to Manage Course Navigation (from Docebo)

How to Create & Manage Surveys (from Docebo)

How to Create & Manage a Test (from Docebo)

How to Manage Prerequisites and End of Course Markers (from Docebo)

How to get a notification when a user finishes a course?

Additional Course Catalog Information

Visual Course Catalog specifications — Images to the course catalog should be of landscape orientation with a minimum width of 1750 pixels. This will allow for scaling for retina and non-retina displays. Height of images will scale proportionally to the image.

Cross Listing of Courses — Courses in the Visual Course Catalog can be cross-listed so the same course registration can be used for collaborative AHEC events.  Contact info@ncahec.net with the course number and the cooperating AHECs to cross list the course.

Dos and Don’ts for Web Services

  • DO make sure that each catalog entry has a image associated with it.
  • DO enroll users through CASCE to get them access to courses in the Visual Course Catalog.
  • DO NOT manage class enrollment in Docebo.

Frequently Asked Questions for Course Creators

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