eugene_mayerEugene S. Mayer Traveling Fellowship

In 1976, John Lister, MD, of the United Kingdom, and Christopher Fordham, MD, of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, created the Traveling Fellowship—an exchange program whereby AHEC-based faculty from North Carolina spend a month studying aspects of the British medical education and health services delivery system. In return, NC AHEC hosts fellows selected by the National Association of Clinical Tutors (NACT) from the United Kingdom. In 1996, the American portion of the exchange became known as the Eugene S. Mayer Fellowship, thanks to contributions made in memory of the longtime NC AHEC director.

Eugene S. Mayer Fellows

PLEASE NOTE: Greensboro AHEC is now known as Piedmont AHEC. The organization’s name changed on February 1, 2023.

2019: Daniel Frayne, MD, Mountain AHEC
2018: Pascal Osi Udekwu, MBBS, MBA/MHA, FACS, Wake AHEC
2017: Rongrong Fan, MD, Mountain AHEC
2016: Karl Bertrand Fields, MD, Piedmont AHEC
2015: Joseph A. Pino, MD, MHA, South East AHEC
2014: William Hope, MD, South East AHEC
2013: Richard M. Wardrop, III, MD, PhD, FAAP, FACP, Wake AHEC
2012: Gregg Colvin, MD, Wake AHEC
2011: Marshall Lee Chambliss, MD, Piedmont AHEC
2010: Amina Ahmed, MD, Charlotte AHEC
2009: Michael F. Dulin, MD, PhD, Charlotte AHEC
2008: Christy L. Henry, MD, Wake AHEC
2007: Mary Rogers, MD, Charlotte AHEC
2006: David K. Gittelman, DO, Wake AHEC
2005: Dael M. Waxman, MD, Charlotte AHEC
2004: John Langlois, MD, Mountain AHEC
2003: William Hensel, MD, Piedmont AHEC
2001: John E.R. Perry III, MD, Wake AHEC
2000: Marcus Plescia, MD, Charlotte AHEC
1999: Brent Wright, MD, Coastal AHEC
1998: Howard Loughlin, MD, Southern Regional AHEC
1997: Wayne A. Hale, MD, Piedmont AHEC
1996: Suzanne Landis, MD, Mountain AHEC
1995: Ross Vaughan, MD, Wake AHEC
1993: J. Gary Maxwell, MD, Coastal AHEC
1992: Darlyne Menscer, MD, Charlotte AHEC
1991: Stewart Rogers, MD, Piedmont AHEC
1990: J. Paul Martin, MD, Mountain AHEC
1989: Docia Hickey, MD, Charlotte AHEC
1988: David Ingram, MD, Wake AHEC
1987: Lars Larsen, MD, Fayetteville AHEC
1986: Richard Olson, MD, Mountain AHEC
1985: Timothy Lane, MD, Piedmont AHEC
1984: Robert Schwartz, MD, Charlotte AHEC
1983: James Thullen, MD, Wake AHEC
1982: Richard Walton, MD, Mountain AHEC
1981: Peter Ungaro, MD, Wilmington AHEC
1980: J.C. Parke Jr., MD, Charlotte AHEC
1979: John Burnett, MD, Wake AHEC
1978: Martha Sharpless, MD Piedmont AHEC
1977: Marvin McCall, MD, Charlotte AHEC
1976: Bryant Galusha, MD, Charlotte AHEC