National Association of Clinical Tutors, United Kingdom, Traveling Fellowship

In 1976, John Lister, MD, of the United Kingdom, and Christopher Fordham, MD, of the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, created the Traveling Fellowship—an exchange program whereby NC AHEC-based faculty from North Carolina spend a month studying aspects of the British medical education and health services delivery system. In return, NC AHEC hosts fellows selected by the National Association of Clinical Tutors (NACT) from the United Kingdom. In 1996, the American portion of the exchange became known as the Eugene S. Mayer Fellowship, thanks to contributions made in memory of the longtime NC AHEC director.

NACT UK Traveling Fellows

2020: Damian McKeon, MD, Anglesey, Wales
2019: Linda Hacking, MBChB, MA, FRCR, FAcadMED, Blackpool
2018: Adam Malin, MD, Bath
2017: Helen Waters, MD, Torquay
2016: Diarmuid Mulherin, MD, Brocton
2015: Cleave Gass, MD, London
2014: Alison Cooper, MD, Rotherham
2014: Andrew Jeffrey, MD, Northampton
2012: Bridget Lock, MD, Carshalton
2011: Christine Dainty, MD, Liverpool
2009: Kamal A. Nathavitharana, MD, Birmingham
2008: Penelope Gordon, MD, Portsmouth
2007: Vijay Hajela, MD, Lewisham
2006: Calum Macleod, MD, Randalstown, Northern Ireland
2005: Elizabeth Spencer, MD, Gloucester
2004: Sanjeey Sharma, MD, Liverpool
2003: Colin A. Campbell, MD, Stoke on Kent
2001: Kevin Kelleher, MD, Bromley, Kent
2000: Alistair Thomson, MD, Crewe, Cheshire
1999: David Laird, MD, Durham
1998: Andrew Long, MD, Orpington, Kent
1997: Andrew Whitehouse, MD, Atherstone, Warwickshire
1996: Barry Sellick, MD, Surrey
1994: Robin Salter, MD, Carlisle, Cumbria
1993: Alan John Rich, MD, Newcastle upon Tyne
1992: Desmond Abernathy, MD, Barnstaple, Devon
1991: Gifford Batstone, MD, Salisbury, Wiltshire
1990: Peter Wilkinson, MD, Ashford, Kent
1989: Kwee W. Matheson, MD, Bury St. Edmunds
1988: Irving Cobden, MD, Newcastle upon Tyne
1987: Richard Pusey, MD, Basildon, Essex
1986: Fred Woodroffe, MD, London
1985: Paul Dufton, MD, Merseyside
1984: Brian R. Silk, MD, Kettering, Northamptonshire
1983: Alfred Robinson, MD Chichester, West Sussex
1982: Iuuan J.T. Davies, MD, Inverness ( Scotland)
1981: John K. Wagstaff, MD, Brighton, East Sussex
1980: David P.M. Howells, MD, Burton upon Trent
1979: Michael Inman, MD, Plymouth
1978: F. Michael Elderkin, MD, Carlisle, Cumbria
1977: Michael Sanders, MD, Middlesborough
1976: Michael R. Geake, MD, Preston