guidance to good health blogSouthern Regional AHEC Family Medicine has launched a new blog series, Guidance to Good Health, written by Southern Regional AHEC physicians and residents. The blog is a great way for patients to gain trustworthy information on topics that affect their health.

For example, Kristina Kurkimilis, DO, contributed a blog post on lifestyle changes. Titled, “Rx: Lifestyle Changes – The Best Medicine the Doctor Didn’t Order,” Kurkimilis recommends a “prescription to change your lifestyle,” and suggests four simple lifestyle changes that can make a major difference in your health.

In a post titled “Aspirin. To Take or Not to Take. That is the Question,” Lenny Salzberg, MD, shares the most-recent science behind the hype, advising his patients NOT to start taking Aspirin to prevent heart attacks.

Southern Regional AHEC also has a mental health blog series that covers mental health continuing education topics. Recent posts cover a range of topics, including brain injury awareness, international best self-esteem month, human trafficking prevention.

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