Last fall, the Charlotte Area Health Education Center (AHEC) introduced Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) learning opportunities. With support from an NC AHEC Investments in the Future grant, Charlotte AHEC developed a training series comprised of eLearning modules and classroom training to educate coders, physicians, and practice managers on the core components of the HCC methodology. The classroom deliveries were broadcasted live to four regional AHECs to provide this education across the state, connecting rural practices to this much needed education.

Hierarchical Condition Category, or HCC, refers to a system of medical coding used by insurance companies to determine patients’ future medical needs for the next year. Only life-altering medical conditions, such as diabetes, are recorded in medical coding. HCCs provide a more accurate picture of a patient’s condition and prospective. Correct coding under HCCs directly affects reimbursements—not only for Medicaid recipients, but from private payers as they adopt this system. If providers are not accurately capturing the degree of illness within their patient population, they are at risk of suffering financial losses.

The HCC training series adapts a blended learning approach that presents a combination of classroom training and eLearning modules. The three eLearning modules can be accessed on their own schedule and present opportunities to practice what was learned in the class.

Due to the well-attended fall offerings, Charlotte AHEC is offering another session of the HCC live workshop on March 21, 2019, from 8:30am – 1:00pm. This offering will allow participants to attend the live session at Charlotte AHEC or attend via webinar. For more information regarding this program and the eLearning courses, visit or contact Kandyce Schofield at